3 Style Tips to Maximize Success

Photo by Tresal Photography

Photo by Tresal Photography

People often ask me how to become a paid model. I always tell them that they already are a paid model. Every day when you go out into the world you are representing yourself, what you stand for and the value you bring to the world. Essentially, you are modeling your personal brand. How you decide to appear, behave and dress everyday will attract different people and opportunities.

Everyone’s a whore, we just sell different parts of ourselves.
— Tommy on Peaky Blinders

People don’t take their brand seriously enough. The reality we live in is that people will judge you by what you choose to wear, at least subconsciously. That’s why it’s paramount to invest in your style in order to maximize your probability for personal and professional success.  

Having a sense of style has helped me in both my personal life and professional life as an entrepreneur. As a paid model, I’ve met with fashion experts all over and learned a great deal. I want to expose you to some of their tips and tweaks to help you begin investing in your style. Here are a few tips:

Style Tip #1 – Foster Self-Confidence

Do the clothes make the man, or does the man make the clothes? Here’s a hint: it’s both.

The intersection between your clothes and your attitude is your style, so it’s paramount that you foster self-confidence.

Self-confidence doesn’t just help you attract women. It’s about having a core and remembering who you are and what you represent. Fostering a confident attitude will help your dress attire, and the right attire will help you feel more confident.  

Style Tip #2 – Blow Off Fashion Trends

Mainstream fashion trends are like a wild roller coaster. The trends change too fast and it’s unrealistic to think you can adapt your wardrobe to the new trend every month. Instead, think timeless. Find timeless clothing pieces, classic colors and patterns.

I used to always chase the latest new fashion trend. I would click on fashion ads on social media and I would read fashion articles on various websites to stay “in the know.” As a result, my closet was always completely full and I always found myself spending money thousands of dollars to keep up with the trends, but then a talented stylist showed me the light. He taught me to seek out versatile clothing pieces. Now my now closet has only a handful of clothes which forces me to be creative, resourceful and save money.

Style Tip #3 – Fit is King

I’ve never met a woman who wanted me to wear more clothes. Now, I know what you are thinking, “Easy for you to say Devon, you are a paid model with washboard abs.” If you are thinking this, then please see tip #1 above.   

Here’s the deal, baggy and loose clothing communicates sloppiness and disorganization. Is that what you want to communicate to a potential investor, employer or to women?

The bottom line is that everyone is shaped differently, so make an effort to understand your shape and what types of clothing pieces accentuate it. Here’s a simple rule of thumb: if the clothing piece doesn’t fit or can’t be slightly altered then do not buy it. There is no point in forcing it. Instead, opt for a reliable tailor. Build a relationship with this tailor so they understand your fit.

I’ve always had trouble finding dress shirts that fit me because of the way my torso is shaped. As a result, I went through a handful of tailors until I finally found the tailor who understood my shape and more importantly my style. Now I get more compliments on my clothes than ever before.

The key takeaway is that it’s paramount to invest in your sense of style to maximize success both in your personal and professional lives. Start with the three styles tips above and you’ll be on your way. For more tips, check out this article I was quoted in on MadeMan.com called, “The Simple Style Tweaks Will Transform Your Love Life.


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